About Us

TheNaturalCompanion.com is dedicated to providing useful and entertaining information to our readers.

Why We Named Our Site “The Natural Companion”?

We’re major dog lovers and cannot imagine life without them, so, for us, it just seems that dogs are natural companions for everyone.

It may sound strange but we truly feel that many dog lovers would agree that dogs make better companions than people. How can anyone compete with the love and affection provided by your dog? Your dog loves you unconditionally. They don’t care how you look or what others may think of you. Dogs love you for being you!

The Purpose of Our Site

This site is still a work in progress and that’s probably obvious. I’ve been thinking about creating a site relating to dogs and how to keep them healthy naturally for many years, but I’m still not sure how to approach this. There are so many websites on dogs and I want ours to be special. I actually created a another website about our dogs years ago, but I really didn’t have a purpose for the site so I guess you could say that I’ve neglected it. Over time, I will be incorporating that site’s information on this site.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about some health issues with dogs and I became determined to find the best way to handle these issues. What seemed to help me the most were stories by dog owners that were having similar issues as us. Some stories resulted in hope and others were heart breaking. When reading these stories, I realized that every dog is different. What may work for one dog may not work for another.

The advancement with available medical treatments has come a long way, but, sometimes I wonder if some of these treatments are more for the owner’s benefit than the dogs. This, of course, is an individual’s choice. You have to do what you feel is most beneficial for your beloved furry companion. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong answer. Every situation, dog and owner is unique.

We’re Not Experts

We don’t consider ourselves as dog experts. We’re not here to rehash a lot of information that you can find on other sites. There are many websites where you can find more accurate information for various dog issues, both health and behavioral. We want to share what we know and what we do.

Please keep in mind that we are also NOT experts on treating dog health issues. Anything that we write about will be based on our research, what we’ve tried or would be willing to try. If you are looking for a health or behavioral solution for your dog, you should always consult with your veterinary first. You and your vet know your dog better than anyone else. What may have helped our dogs may not help yours. Remember that every dog and every circumstance is unique.

What We Hope Our Website Will Provide

We have owned several dogs over the years and have learned a lot. During the last 10 years or so, we have realized that many products, treatments and training methods are really not that beneficial for dogs. That really bothered us so I started researching to find ways that will make our dogs healthier the natural way. Part of this website will be dedicated to the dogs that we’ve owned and loved. We’ll share stories about them and what we’ve done, and are trying to do, to help them live long and healthy lives.

I’ll tell you about the products that we’ve used and what we thought about them. I’ll also look at some products, health issues and general dog care tips that interest us and let you know what I find out.

We hope you find the information that we provide on TheNaturalCompanion.com valuable and helpful.  We also look forward to you, our readers, suggesting improvements to our site. We’d like to know what topics you would like for us to research and write about.

All the best,

Linda – Administrator